ELEPHBO – Design made of cement bags

ELEPHBO collects empty cement bags in Cambodia, which are lying around everywhere because nobody disposes of them, cleans them and uses them to make cool bags, backpacks and other accessories in Switzerland. Of course fair trade and doubly meaningful: the environment is relieved and jobs are created in a very poor country.

Buy Food With Plastic

Do you wonder why the children queuing here with the plastic bags? For a hot meal.

Küng Holzbau AG

A home without metal, without glue and without chemical building materials. Only the pure, solid moonwood. This is Holzpur.


#tide collects plastic waste that pollutes our oceans and transforms it into sustainable products.


Bcomp Ltd develops lightweighting solutions for high performance applications from sports and mobility to marine and space. By using natural fibres, Bcomp offers solutions for a cleaner future without compromising performance.

Fluid Solids

Did you know there are natural alternatives to plastic and metal? The young company FluidSolids® from Zurich makes this possible without the need for additional square meters of agricultural land.


HeiQ develops and manufactures environmentally friendly textile treatments that are used, for example, in the functional clothing of leading sports manufacturers. HeiQ Clean Tech, the winner of the Swiss Economy Environmental Award 2019, is one of these textile technologies.


Flisom, a spin-off from ETH Zürich and Empa, has developed a unique roll-to-roll process for the cost-effective production of flexible and highly efficient thin-film solar modules. The first pilot plant on the Empa campus in Dübendorf was officially inaugurated and shown to potential customers and partners of the company on 19 September 2017.


In the meantime, modern buildings already require the same amount of energy for hot water as for the entire heating system! It is astonishing that after only a few seconds of use we still carelessly dispose of the hot water in the sewerage system. But for this problem there is now a solution which recovers a large part of this energy immediately.

Bloom Biorenewables

The company Bloom was founded at the beginning of 2019. They convert vegetative waste such as wood, nut shells or fruit kernels into high-quality chemicals that can be used to make fragrances, hair dyes or preservatives. So they're developing a chemical substitute for petroleum.

Synhelion SA

Fly on holiday with a clear conscience? Maybe soon.

Wildbiene und Partner

Bees are the basis of life for all of us. They are irreplaceable for the ecosystem!

Too Good To Go

Reducing food waste is one of the most important things we can do about climate change. About 1/3 of all food is wasted - "Too Good To Go" has developed a sustainable solution.

Power Blox

Power-Blox is an award-winning Swiss company offering a disruptive and unique «Plug & Power» energy and storage solution based on renewable energy.


What does that sound like to you: Filter CO2 out of the air - and permanently remove it from the atmosphere. That works! As a member of the Climeworks Pioneers you can also take part.

allygate ag

Are you looking for clean technologies for your business? We will be happy to help you find innovative solutions from our pool of over 300 clean energy companies! team@allygate.net