Allygate was founded by Rony Arnold, CEO and VRP of Bruno's Best AG, the Swiss market leader among salad dressing manufacturers.

Rony joined the salad dressing business of his father Bruno at the age of 22. He has greatly expanded the company and took it over on 1 January 2013. Since the first day after he took over the company, he saved around 1% of the turnover. Rony use this money now as a start-up aid for his new company allygate over the next three years. Thereby he will make a valuable work to a better environment. More informations about allygate can you find in the following interview.

"Allygate is a project of the heart! We are not profit- but growth-oriented in order to be able to make a difference in the future".

Rony Arnold

Founder / Owner, allygate ag

"The most important thing in life is to have a strong faith. New ways open and meaningful projects are fertilized."

Julia Küchler

CMO, allygate ag

"Our fate depends not on the stars, but on our behavior."

Sinem Yigitbas

CAO, allygate ag

"Nature need not make an effort to be significant. It is."

After initially pursuing the goal of networking clean tech startups with the industries, we now focus entirely on sustainable construction projects.

Our goal is to realize sustainable and future-oriented real estate projects, taking innovative clean tech companies into account. Every next generation building will have to be measured by its ecological advantages and social benefits. While this means a more expensive construction phase, it also means economic benefits over the life cycle. Almost one third of all CO2 emissions and about 40% of raw material and energy consumption are caused by buildings. According to the Paris Agreement, to which Switzerland is also a party, CO2 emissions are to be halved over the next two decades. This is why we want to invest now in construction projects as they will be required in the future.

allygate ag is supported by Bruno's Best AG

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