ELEPHBO – Design made of cement bags

ELEPHBO collects empty cement bags in Cambodia, which are lying around everywhere because nobody disposes of them, cleans them and uses them to make cool bags, backpacks and other accessories. Of course fair trade and doubly meaningful: the environment is relieved and jobs are created in a very poor country.

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Garbage in, is not garbage out...

ELEPHBO does not believe in big sayings, but rather in small deeds that contribute to a big cause. When ELEPHBO started, they had one goal in mind: to create practical products from sustainable materials and use them as vehicles for change. Since 2016, ELEPHBO has been pursuing this vision, a change in people's thinking, so that small deeds also help, and that these small deeds, because of their small impact, nevertheless deserve recognition.

Spread the vision, not the garbage

The implementation of the idea begins in Cambodia, where cement bags are made of polypropylene, a woven plastic, i.e. plastic. Often these cement bags are not disposed of correctly, so they remain lying around and thus pollute the environment. In 2016, the idea was born to collect and wash these cement bags with the help of local people, on building sites, roads and in the fields of Cambodia. Afterwards the washed cement bags are processed into cool bags, backpacks, sneakers and accessories.


Social and sustainable goals

ELEPHBO's goal is to ensure that its products and manufacturing always have a positive impact on the environment and people. For this reason, ELEPHBO does not only use recycled materials, but is also committed to fair working conditions and fair payment of people throughout the value chain. ELEPHBO's idea and passion is to make people in developing countries aware of sustainability and to show them how to make practical and high-quality products from waste and at the same time do something good for the environment through its actions.

To date ELEPHBO has already recycled over 90'000 cement bags, but that is not enough for ELEPHBO. They want to collect and process many more thousands and thus carry the vision to other developing countries.

Source: www.elephbo.ch

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