Fluid Solids - Biocomposite

Did you know there are natural alternatives to plastic and metal? The young company FluidSolids® from Zurich makes this possible without the need for additional square meters of agricultural land.

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With raw materials from industrial waste of renewable raw materials such as nut shells, wood fibers from the wood industry, corncobs, cardboard, hemp fibers or paper, they have managed to produce a biocomposite that is extremely stable, sustainable and 100% home compostable. To the cellulose fibers still fillers as well as an organic binder, which accumulates in the agriculture and the food industry as raw material, are added. That means you can throw it into your compost and it will decompose within months without any pollutants polluting the environment.

The biocomposites also have an extremely high bending stiffness due to the high fibre content, they can be individually dyed and are very versatile. The miracle material can be injection moulded and in the end it is hard as a leg. Whether as packaging, accessories such as clothes hangers or as furniture, there are no limits to its use. The production takes place in a casting process, so no other environmentally harmful materials are required for production.

Advantages of biocomposite

- No competition to food cultivation
- Recycling of residual materials
- Minimal environmental impact
- Reduction of the CO2 footprint by up to 80%.
- no petrol-based ingredients
- No microplasty
- non-toxic and emission-free
- compostable in house compost

Compared to other plastics, whether biobased or not, FluidSolids performs outstandingly and thus supports the implementation of sustainability strategies.

Production in Zürich
Fluid Solids Cellulose
A bottle opener with hazelnut granules
TV Box for Swisscom
Rocket tip 100% compostable

"Committed, passionate and visionary"

Three words that characterize the mastermind behind FluidSolids. The company that converts organic waste into recyclables. We met the sympathetic gentlemen Beat Karrer (CEO) and Martin Meyer (Operations) in Zurich. Beat Karrer is an excellent industrial designer with a pronounced awareness of exciting materials and founder of the Zurich startup, he has already won several awards and design prizes in his career. He made the first attempts for the right recipe of biocomposites with a large kitchen mixer in his design office. In the meantime, you are a team of 9 people who are working on the further development of the technology in the middle of Zurich and who also work closely with universities.

Current Projects

The two gentlemen have told us that they are currently working on major projects for international companies and are developing electronic housings, packaging or furniture components from biocomposites for these companies. Furthermore, you have just finished a production for "Dilly Socks", for which you produce sock hangers / hooks for the retail trade. This is a Swiss company that designs sustainable socks and has them produced in Portugal. In Switzerland, for example, you can find socks in the Globus or Galaxus.

You want to know more about FluidSolids®, its raw material and the team? Then visit her website.


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