HeiQ – Differentiate. Innovate.

HeiQ develops and manufactures environmentally friendly textile treatments that are used, for example, in the functional clothing of leading sports manufacturers. HeiQ Clean Tech, the winner of the Swiss Economy Environmental Award 2019, is one of these textile technologies.

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Textile industry and water pollution

After agriculture, the textile industry is the largest industrial consumer of water and one of the largest polluters of the environment. Every year more than 5,000,000,000 litres of fresh water are used to dye textiles and 17-20% of industrial water pollution is caused by textile dyeing and finishing treatments.

What is the advantage of HeiQ Clean Tech?

HeiQ Clean Tech reduces the water consumption of a textile factory by 30% and enables a 30-50% faster dyeing time. This helps to increase productivity by 30% and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 30%. In addition, the polyester dyeing process with HeiQ Clean Tech requires only two thirds of the time of the standard polyester dyeing process.

HeiQ Clean Tech extends the production capacity of dyeing machines with existing plants, reducing the need for new machines and saving CO2 emissions as well as resource consumption in the production of dyeing machines. A win-win situation: The product itself produces a better coloured polyester that is more colourfast, has deeper shades and uses less dye. Washing at home releases less dye and the improved colour consistency increases the usability of the product for end users.

HeiQ Materials AG has won the Environmental Award of the Economy 2019
HeiQ - Differentiate. Innovate.

Who's the technology for?

Overall, the technology helps textile mills significantly reduce their environmental footprint while saving costs and improving product quality. The additional advantage is to save money and make the "green" choice with HeiQ Clean Tech.


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