#tide ensures clean oceans

#tide collects plastic waste that pollutes our oceans and transforms it into sustainable products.

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Cooperation with scientists

Tide ocean SA is a company from Basel, Switzerland. In collaboration with scientists from the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil, Switzerland, #tide has developed a process to regenerate plastic molecules destroyed by sunlight and saltwater and transform them into a valuable raw material.

#tide closes the cycle

#tide thus closes the cycle of plastics production. At the same time, fossil resources such as crude oil are conserved, since no brand-new plastic has to be produced. #tide granulates with solar energy in Switzerland and compensates the CO2 consumption of the transports.

The high-quality granulates and yarns have been awarded the Materialica Award 2019 and the Swiss Plastics Expo Award 2020.

In their first business year, #tide has already industrially processed 150 tons of ocean plastic.


Upcycling of ocean plastic

#tide collects various plastics, not only PET bottles. Hard plastics such as shampoo bottles and plastic tubs can also be used for new applications, be it watches, furniture, electronic devices or car interiors.

They also use PET bottles to make thread and yarn for the textile industry: ocean plastic can be used to make a watch strap, bag or windbreaker.

Well-known brands in the consumer goods industry use granules made of #tide ocean material because they believe in clean oceans, a sustainable lifestyle and waste as a raw material. The first products are on the market in early 2020.

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