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Reducing food waste is one of the most important things we can do about climate change. About 1/3 of all food is wasted - "Too Good To Go" has developed a sustainable solution.

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How much food is thrown away in Switzerland?

Every year, more than 2,3 million tons of food are thrown away in Switzerland alone - be it in the fields, in retail, in gastronomy or at home. More than half of this is avoidable waste.

Food is wasted all along the value chain - from field to fork. And not only the food is wasted, but many, many resources that were consumed in the production of the food, whether water, soil or labor. This waste is bad for the environment. An example: For every kilo of bread not eaten, 1'000 litres of water are wasted. Global food waste is responsible for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions.

This is what a bag can look like
The App

Too Good to Go has developed an innovative solution to counteract the problem of food waste.

They have developed an app that you can download easily and for free and save tasty meals! Do you love great food at a great price? Do you care about the environment? Then you should immediately download the app under the following link, no matter if Android or IPhone.

"They already have 2'090 partner companies in Switzerland and have saved more than 20 million meals worldwide!"

How does it work?

Select. Pick it up. Enjoy - it's simple, delicious and environmentally friendly.

1. choose a shop near you and buy your meal directly from the app

2. pick up your meal in the specified time window

3. enjoy your food with a clear conscience, because you make an important contribution against food waste

In the app you can also create a list of your favorites so that you don't miss a deal. When you're traveling to new places, the map feature lets you easily see which stores are in your area.

What's in the bag for you?

Too Good To Go gives you a so-called "grab bag". Many catering establishments regularly have surplus food, because overproduction is often unavoidable, whether in the display of a bakery, restaurant, hotel, lunch buffet or supermarket. This wonderful but unsold food can end up in your grab bag. The result is a win-win-win: tasty food at a reduced price, less waste for the companies and conservation of resources for the environment!

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