Birds and their architecture

Porky Hefer is a design maverick and pioneer whose desire to drive trends rather than follow them has resulted in ever-innovative work.

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The South African designer Porky Hefer is known as a passionate follower of traditional building techniques and natural materials. He draws his inspiration from animals. His latest creation, a luxurious straw house in the Namibian desert, is the essence of his previous work as a designer.


Hefer's most recent collection is a set of art pieces that don't contain anything as such, but explore the wider issues of the man/nature dynamic, such as conservation - his Endangered collection, commissioned for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, is made of recycled materials by artisans in Cape Town.


But why nests?

Porky Hefer was already fascinated by the animal world as a child. Together with his father, he spent many hours observing the birdlife of South Africa. The way birds build their nests inspired him to create his own style - clear and simple shapes, traditional techniques, and the use of natural materials. Hefer's most famous work is the furniture collection "Nest". These are imaginative pieces of seating furniture that hang on the wall or from the ceiling and are reminiscent of nests and animals. Handmade in South Africa, they are made of woven straws, leather, dried grass.

furniture collection Nest by Porky Hefer
Strawhouse in Namibia


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