Dutch Windwheel - The innovative sustainable landmark of Rotterdam

The Dutch wind turbine is an architectural landmark, an innovative windmill and an unprecedented attraction. It responds to the growing influx of tourists to Rotterdam and the transition to a clean tech economy.

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A model of contemporary architecture

The Dutch wind turbine is a model of contemporary architecture. The upright building is a megaproject, it is not only impressive as a building, but also innovative and sustainable. It adds a unique landmark to the city, making the skyline even more spectacular.

Design and Innovation

33 companies and research institutes have joined forces to develop the Dutch wind turbine. These organisations are all working on a programme aimed at combining, scaling and marketing all promising technical innovations in the field of water, energy and building technology.

The building is designed for reuse and is manufactured with materials from the Rotterdam region. Solar and wind energy are used to achieve a positive energy balance for the building. Biogas is produced from organic waste. Rainwater is also collected for further use. It will become a global symbol of sustainability and in the field of Smart City development.

The Dutch windmill will be a spectacular attraction. Visitors from all over the world can enjoy an unprecedented view of Rotterdam and the surrounding area from one of the roller coaster cabins.

A multifunctional building with a strong tourist character.
From a great height you can see the beautiful architecture of Rotterdam.
energy production
It includes residential buildings, a hotel, a sky bar / panoramic restaurant and 16 cabins.
The Lobby
Living area
The Dutch wind turbine offers a spectacular view and a differentiated range


  • Height 100-160m
  • Cabins 16
  • Initiative
    • Doepel Strijkers, Meysters and BLOC (Windwheel Coporation)
  • Partner
    • AM en Koninklijke BAM Groep, Deltares, Dura Vermeer, ECN, Eneco, Innovation Quarter, PNO, SPIE, TNO and the Windwheel Corporation

Source: www.dutchwindwheel.com

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