The most economical faucet in the world

2/3 of our planet is covered with water, but only 2,5% of the world's water is drinking water! That means we have to use it sparingly. The economical tap from Swiss Eco Line helps us to do this.

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The innovative spray water technology ensures that 90% less water is used when washing our hands and 100% electricity is saved, while at the same time providing optimal hygiene conditions. The fittings do not require hot water, as the atomisation of the cold water feels like warm water. The taps are mainly used in public buildings where a lot of water is used or wasted, but the application can also be used in airplanes, ships, trains or buildings.

Due to the great demand, they have already developed other resource-saving products with which you would like to help countries with water shortages.

Another product, for example, is the world's most economical soap foam dispenser. With half a litre of 100% biodegradable lather you can wash your hands 1250 times.

About Swiss Eco Line

Founded in 2015, Swiss Eco Line designs, develops and distributes sustainable energy and water-efficient bathroom and wellness products and this contributes to the careful use of water, energy and natural resources. Their aim is to play a pioneering role in environmental management and to support innovations and structural improvements in the interests of sustainable development.

Swiss Eco Line has received major environmental, climate and design awards worldwide.

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