Climeworks Pioneers

What does that sound like to you: Filter CO2 out of the air - and permanently remove it from the atmosphere. That works! As a member of the Climeworks Pioneers you can also take part.

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Capture CO2 from air and turn it into stone

Net zero

To limit climate change to a safe level, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero. Net zero means that we must remove all emissions that we humans cause from the atmosphere through natural and technical methods. We must not allow more CO2 to accumulate in the atmosphere.

This requires solutions that can remove CO2 from the air. This is exactly what Climeworks technology can do: filter CO2 from the air and store it underground - safely and permanently.

Carbon Dioxide Removal

The world's first commercial Direct Air Capture technology from Climeworks filters CO2 out of the air. It is then mixed with water from a nearby geothermal power plant and pumped into the earth. Through natural processes, the CO2 reacts with the basalt rock and becomes stone itself. This happens over a period of a few years - and leads to the CO2 being permanently stored underground. It is also possible to measure exactly how much CO2 has been removed from the air.

By becoming a member of Climeworks Pioneers, you make the first step towards net zero: every month CO2 is filtered from the air in your name and converted into stone. Start now on


This is what CO2 looks like that has been converted to stone.
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