The cockroach - for us a plague and in China the foodwaste saviour

In China, the animals are bred and specifically used to eat food waste and organic waste.

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With the population grows also the waste problem

People produce a lot of garbage. In Beijing alone, 25’000 tons of garbage are produced daily. Out of this need, some businessmen developed a solution and simply feed organic waste to cockroaches.

50 tons of food waste every day

Several farms have been established across the country to realize this, so that the cockroaches can be bred. There is one in Jinan, the capital of Shandong province. Every morning 50 tons of food waste are delivered there. Through pipes these are led into darkened concrete containers. Billions of cockroaches wait there, happy to receive the leftover food.

Further utilization as medicine and feed

When the animals die, they are processed further. They serve as protein-rich feed for pigs and other farm animals, but humans also eat the cockroaches. They are also used in medicine. Completely grinded up cockroaches are used to produce a medicine that is used for intestinal and respiratory diseases.

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