The world's largest urban farm is opened on a Parisian roof

The 14'000 m² farm is to be opened in the southwest of Paris at the beginning of next year.

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Welcome to the future of agriculture in Paris!

When this farm opens in spring 2020, it will be the largest roof farm in the world. In the southwest of Paris there is an urban oasis with an area of around 14'000 square metres.

They are pursuing a plan to grow more than 30 different plant species. When this becomes reality, around 1'000 kg of fruit and vegetables are produced every day in the high season. They are cultivated by around 20 gardeners and use exclusively biological methods. "The goal is to make the farm a globally recognized model for sustainable production," says Pascal Hardy, founder of Agripolis, the municipal agricultural company at the heart of the project. "We will use quality products that grow at the rhythm of natural cycles in the heart of Paris."

A farm and a restaurant combined

The farm is located on a large exhibition complex in the 15th arrondissement, the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles and has its own restaurant and bar with space for around 300 people. This restaurant, run by Le Perchoir, the prestigious roof terrace chain of Paris, offers a panoramic view of the capital. The menu naturally includes seasonal products from our own cultivation.

"Our fresh produce is used to feed residents in the southwest of the city - either directly, through vegetable boxes or through shops, hotels and canteens - helping to reduce food miles," Hardy says. "And we don't use pesticides or chemicals, so the farm will be a paradise for biodiversity."

It's not just a farm and a restaurant

The farm will also offer a range of services related to urban agriculture, including educational tours, team building workshops and special events. Last but not least, local residents have the opportunity to rent their own small vegetable gardens in specially made wooden boxes in order to reconnect the city's inhabitants with their source of food.

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