Joulia Inline - the smart shower channel

In the meantime, modern buildings already require the same amount of energy for hot water as for the entire heating system! It is astonishing that after only a few seconds of use we still carelessly dispose of the hot water in the sewerage system. But for this problem there is now a solution which recovers a large part of this energy immediately.

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What is Joulia?

Joulia is a heat recovery technology that works very efficiently and reliably without moving parts or complex controls.
In other words, more efficiency and more comfort with lower costs for energy and the entire hot water infrastructure.

How does this heat recovery system work?

Instead of flushing the shower water into the sewerage system, the still warm water first flows through a double-walled heat exchanger, which extracts the heat from the waste water and thus warms the cold fresh water. This "preheating" means that much less hot water has to be added later at the mixer tap, saving over 50% energy, CO2 and money.

Joulia's shower channels can be combined with all types of hot water preparation and can be used in both new and renovated buildings!

The built-in shower channel
The shower channel from inside
Joulia Inline

Why heat recovery?

The way we build our houses has changed massively in recent years. Originally, four walls were simply built and a roof was put on top of them, but in the 80s the home began to be better and better insulated. This the consumption of heating energy could be drastically reduced. At the same time, however, the demand for hot water remained constant and the energy consumption for it is therefore becoming more and more dominant in the energy budget.

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