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Power-Blox is an award-winning Swiss company offering a disruptive and unique «Plug & Power» energy and storage solution based on renewable energy.

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The Product - Power-Blox-200-Serie

The core product is the Power-Blox-200 series (PBX200), which is a mobile, scalable and intelligent energy cube that delivers alternating current power from 200W to the kilowatt range and serves as a "mobile power outlet" for off-grid requirements. His lithium battery can be charged either from the grid or with a PV module or other renewable energy sources. Each Power-Blox-200 Series can be easily connected to other Power-Blox-200 Series to create a local power grid. They automatically form a private 230V alternating current grid (Mini-Grid).

This so-called swarm grid has several advantages compared to common electric grid architectures, that makes power supply more stable and secure. Due to its decentralized structure, the whole grid continues to function if one source of power supply fails and in case of grid failure, each Power-Blox-200 series keeps on supplying energy as a stand-alone system until the failure is corrected.

The island of Lelepa was electrified with Power-Blox

Power-Blox was developed according to the principles of frugal innovation, which means that Power-Blox is both affordable, easy to use and designed with a strong focus on the end user. Power-Blox has proven in numerous projects that these principles are essential for market success and local acceptance. For example, Power-Blox, together with the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), has electrified the island of Lelepa, Vanuatu in the South Pacific in a pilot project. The mini grid installed there can grow with the needs of the local population by adding new Power-Blox to the existing grid, which usually takes just a few minutes. This has two decisive advantages. On the one hand, investors can minimize their investment risk, as the initial investment amounts are manageable. Instead of conducting costly studies on energy consumption and Willingness to Pay that often rely on assumptions and estimates, Power Blox can be installed instantly. Real time consumption data help to analyse needs and allow for adjusting the tariff model. On the other hand, the grid grows with the needs and the economic development of the local population, without them having to leave their living environment to finance the investment. Power-Blox can be combined with a Pay-As-You-Go model.

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Their contribution to the environment

With its technology, Power-Blox not only contributes to the decarbonization of energy supply, but also enables the self-determined economic development of local communities in developing countries. However, Power-Blox has also successfully implemented projects in industrialized countries. Together with Swisscom, for example, the digital communication of SAV huts (Schweizer Alpwirtschaftlicher Verband, www.alpwirtschaft.ch) was ensured by installing 250 Power-Blox.


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