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Bees are the basis of life for all of us. They are irreplaceable for the ecosystem!

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Imagine, you would like to treat yourself to a strengthening at lunchtime, but one third of your plate is empty. That's not as absurd as it sounds: well 30% of our food can only thrive if our plants pollinate especially from bees.

Bees keep our ecosystems in balance.

In addition to the honey bee, over 600 species of wild bees in Switzerland perform the following tasks every day in the pollination of our food products and ensure that our products are ecosystems in balance. Therefore Wildbiene und Partner sets a holistic strategy for a future with wild bees: With well-founded educational work, active and targeted reproduction of wild bees and the creation of wild bee habitats, we contribute to ensuring that pollinators in Switzerland do not disappear in the future.

Our wild bee sponsorship: meaningful and sustainable

With a wild bee sponsorship interested ones can actively wild bees with itself at home and thus make a contribution to safe and sustainable pollination in Switzerland. Our wild bee sponsorship includes a BeeHome with approx. 25 wall bee cocoons in hibernation stage. The wall bee is one of the 600 native wild bee species and is the ideal pollinator in fruit and berry cultivation. As they are already active at lower temperatures and weather conditions and pollinate much more efficiently than honeybees.

Contributing to biodiversity

The wild bee house can be located on the city balcony, in the single-family house quarter or in the Allotment garden can be hung without hesitation, because the busy wall bees are absolutely harmless, do not sting and are not interested in food or sweet drinks. Each spring the wall bees hatch, pollinate the plants in their environment and multiply. The cocoons reproduced in the BeeHome can be sent back in autumn. They are cared for by Wildbiene und Partner, wintered professionally and used next spring by Swiss farmers to pollinate fruit and berries.

Wild bees are a wonderful place for all big and small explorers to observe and can be reproduced on the balcony or in the garden without any effort or danger.
The wild bee sponsorship is therefore particularly suitable as a gift for families and nature-conscious people in the city and in the country.
For a crucial service for our ecosystem.

About Wildbiene und Partner

Wildbiene und Partner AG offers wild bee sponsorships, consulting for the construction and the design of bee-friendly gardens and training courses. Under the name Pollinature, Swiss fruit growers are also offered a professional pollination service with wall bees. The company was founded in 2013 by biologists Dr. Claudio Sedivy and Tom Strobl and in the same year won the start-up prize for social and sustainable company ideas from Impact HUB Zurich and WWF Switzerland. In 2014, the ETH spin-off achieved second place in the Swiss sustainability award "prix eco". The company now has 25 employees and has founded three subsidiaries under the name Pollinature in Germany, Italy and France.

Source: www.wildbieneundpartner.ch, www.pollinature.com

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