Küng Holzbau - building with moon wood

A home without metal, without glue and without chemical building materials. Only the pure, solid moonwood. This is Holzpur.

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Wood from the region and clay from the own building pit

The wood comes mainly from the canton of Obwalden. The foresters harvest and sort the trees, local transporters carry the trunks. Central Switzerland's sawmills cut them to size, dry the wood and finally bring it to the production plant in Alpnach. They consume only half of the grey energy compared to conventional timber production. Regionality and sustainability are part of the Holzpur philosophy.


Especially the moon wood, which is felled around Christmas just before the new moon, has a reputation for being particularly hard, stable, durable and resistant to pests.

Mythenquai, Zürich

Holzpur system

In the building physics disciplines of thermal insulation, heat storage, shielding from electrosmog as well as in noise and fire protection, our Holzpur system is far superior to conventional timber construction. The moisture inside the house remains at 45 % all year round. And because the walls breathe actively, neither mold nor other harmful microorganisms accumulate in them.

About Küng Holzbau

Walter Küng founded his own carpentry and joinery business in Alpnach with a business partner in 1977. The team of four quickly built up a good reputation. Since then the company has grown continuously. With the development of the Holzpur system, a new, very successful era of Walter Küng AG began in 2006, which made it possible to build a new, large workshop with state-of-the-art machinery in 2013.

In 2017 Walter Küng hands over the company to his son Stephan, who has been with the company since 2005. This is accompanied by the renaming of the company to Küng Holzbau AG.

Source: www.kueng-holz.ch

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