HeiQ turns IKEA curtains into air purifiers

HeiQ Materials AG has developed a new technology by which curtains remove unwanted impurities from the air. IKEA uses this technology for its GUNRID curtain.

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The new IKEA curtain Gunrid looks like a normal curtain, writes HeiQ Materials AG in a press release. But it can remove unwanted substances from the room air because it uses a new technology from HeiQ. The company is expanding its HeiQ Fresh product range with "HeiQ Fresh AIR". There is no additional effort required for the user to use the technology, the technology is integrated into the curtains.

HeiQ Fresh AIR combats volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This form of air pollution is to a large extent not harmful to health. However, some of it could have a serious negative impact on health, HeiQ writes, citing the World Health Organization. VOCs can enter homes from the outside, but they can also come from furniture or cleaning products, for example.

"With HeiQ Fresh AIR we want to improve the air quality in the consumer's home in a simple way by simply hanging a curtain and using the natural light that comes in through the window. A simple tool for something as important as fresh air in your home," says Carlo Centonze, co-founder of HeiQ and CEO of the Group.

How does it work?

The fabric is coated with a mineral-based coating and the curtain reacts to daylight and breaks down harmful substances in the indoor air such as acetaldehyde/ethanol with the help of UV rays. The curtain is made of polyester, which was obtained from approx. 50 recycled 0.5 litre PET bottles.

The curtain lets daylight through but is opaque; perfect for window decoration in several layers.

HeiQ, a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), is based at the IJZ Innovation and Young Entrepreneurs Centre and is a member of Start Smart Schlieren.

Quelle: www.ikea.com, www.heiq.com

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