"Too Good To Go" has expanded the national network with Migros and is now B Corp certified

Another major milestone in the area of food waste in Switzerland has been reached! With the help of the "Orange Giant" even more food can be saved in all regions of Switzerland.

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National partnership with Migros

After a successful introduction of Too Good To Go in the Migros cooperative Lucerne and in selected Migros branches of the Zurich cooperatives, Basel and Vaud, the partnership is being expanded nationally. Migros branches in all regions will now gradually join Too Good To Go and set an important mark against food waste in Switzerland.

The App
The Team from Too Good To Go Switzerland

B Corp certification for responsible business activities

Too Good To Go has just joined the growing group of companies that are reinventing business by putting people, the planet and environmental goals above shareholder returns. To earn B Corp certification and demonstrate commitment to achieving goals that go beyond profit, companies must meet strict social and environmental standards that address five key areas of impact: management, employees, community, environment and customers. B Corp is an association of more than 2’600 certified companies from a wide range of industries and sizes worldwide.

The fight against food waste

Too Good To Go Switzerland has been active since the summer of 2018 and has been unstoppable since that time. The Danish start-up, which is the world leader in the fight against food waste, is achieving impressive results. The app now has around 690’000 users and, together with around 2’000 partners in Switzerland, has already saved 840’000 meals from waste.

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