Do you wonder why the children queuing here with the plastic bags? For a hot meal.

The plastic bottles recently ended up on the streets and on the beach. When Khalil Radi travelled to Nicaragua to surf, he was shocked about the plastic waste and famine that he found a solution to this problem. Buy Food with Plastic was created in response to the environmental and political situation, they encountered in Nicaraqua in the summer of 2018.

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10 plastic bottles for a hot meal

At Buy Food with Plastic events, which are organized by the locals themselves, the population can buy a warm meal with 10 plastic bottles. Plastic is the currency here. The collected bottles are processed into various products. The people are sensitized for a more conscious use of plastic.

What happens with the plastic bottles?

They are processed into various products and even form the foundation for a home. Stuffed with other plastic waste, the bottles are used as bricks. In cooperation with local project managers, they build a house with kitchen, bathroom and terrace within a few months. The first plastic house is in Las Mercedes, Nicaragua and provides a home for the single Marbillez and her four children - they had lost their shelter after a storm.

Marbillez and her four kids
Plastic House in Las Mercedes

More information about Buy Food With Plastic can be found here in the following link.


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