Fly to Australia within four hours without kerosene

Flying around the half world with a speed with five times the speed of sound within a few hours. What seems impossible is actually soon possible, thanks to a British company.

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Hydrogen drive instead of kerosene

The company "Reaction Engines" promises exactly this thanks to a new technology with hydrogen propulsion. The British Space Agency has presented the new plans for the new supersonic jet. At the moment a flight from London to Sydney is during at least 20 hours. This is expected to go four times faster in the year 2030, in just four and a half hours!

The first tests have been successful

In the US, they have successfully completed the first major tests. The company was founded in 1989, now they began to looking forward for a test airport in Scotland for the ultra-fast supersonic drive.

Space bridge between the continents

Reaction Engines writes, "Saber will make the world smaller with his high-speed point-to-point transport." The reason for this development is a novel special drive called "Saber", which was originally intended to transport peoples and spacecraft satellites into the space. The technology will be used also to the British company but also for passenger aircraft and so you can use the novel technology for efficient travel.

Hydrogen propulsion of "Sabre"

Faster than the fastest aircraft in the world

"Saber" can fly with a speed five times faster than speed of sound to be precise 6300 km / h. The air-intake technology Saber has even more on it. With the rocket mode, the speed Mach 25 should be possible in the space. For comparison, Mach 5 is more than twice as fast as a Concorde and 50% faster than the SR-71 Blackbird, the fastest aircraft in the world.

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